1. Strategy
  2. How we’ll do it

How we’ll do it

Over the next 10 years, we want to establish greater interconnectivity and collaboration within the UK’s screen sector. This will maximise our collective cultural and economic opportunities at a time of immense change.

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Growing the BFI’s income and financial strength

We will be a financially resilient organisation, driving a commercial mindset that is agile, ambitious, opportunistic, entrepreneurial and data driven.

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Our culture

We’re committed to building an innovative, highly diverse, and digital organisation with creative storytelling at its heart. We will support the development of skills and new ways of working, and ensure no one is left behind.


Over the life of this strategy, we will evolve to become truly digital-first in how we think and work.

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Closing words and how we’re going to report

Screen Culture is the BFI’s ten-year strategy that will steer us towards our centenary in 2033, driven by our major ambitions. How and when we make progress towards achieving our ambitions will change and could be influenced by many external factors.